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Pyxis KBDEM/REMPB provides an easy means on adding industrial pushbutton keyboard inputs to a PC

Pyxis KBDEM/REMPB provides an easy means on adding industrial pushbutton keyboard inputs to a PC


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PYXIS REMPB Remote Push button > Pyxis KBDIO

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PYXIS KBDIO Remote Push button > Pyxis KBDIO
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The Pyxis REMPB provides a wireless pushbutton input to the Pyxis KBDEM module and is designed to work in conjunction with the Pyxis KBDEM in an industrial type application.
The Pyxis REMPB is a battery powered device, powered from 2 off AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. 
The Pyxis REMPB has two LED indicators:-
  • Green LED indicating transmission.
  • Red LED indicating battery low.
Each system can be configured to have unique pairing address (0-F{15}). The selection of this address is by adjusting a rotary switch located in the battery compartment. 
This address must match the address set on the Pyxis KBDEM for the inputs to be accepted.
There are only a couple of limitations of the Pyxis REMPB that must be taken into account when implementing a system, these are listed below.
  •  The Pyxis KBDEM must be local to the PC and connected via USB, while the REMPB is a wireless device with a range of about 10 – 20 meters.
  • The Pyxis REMPB does not provide key repeats as per the HID specification, scan codes reflect the button press and button release codes.
  • Multiple button presses are not available.

In conjunction with the Pyxis KBDEM, the Pyxis REMPB is ideal for integration into automotive & component test systems.






LED Indication

Transmit & Low Battery

Wireless Interface 433 MHz

Power Required

2 off AA Primary Cells


117mm x 65mm x 24mm


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